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Transcribe Audio

Transcription Software :

Transcribe Audio, Video using our Latest AI technology from Apple . Perfect for interviews, academic research, content marketing, video production, podcast. User friendly interface that helps you transcribe your audio files in minutes and at a very affordable cost.


It is completely secure and users don’t have to upload their files to any server, as transcription happens completely On Device. No email account required for starting Transcribing , with simple UI interface user can start transcribing within few minutes .


Manual transcription could be painful and time consuming , but with our latest transcription App , user can effortlessly extract meaningful context with the use of modern speech to text technology. Manual transcription is time-consuming and costly, it can take hundreds of dollars to transcribe few hours of interview , with our on device transcription solution we have made is easier for journalists, lawyers, media professionals to achieve same accuracy as manual transcription.


Users can search, edit, correct and export the usable content of recorded speech. Also, it allows user to share text via social network or users can save it

Where it can be used :

Market Research :

Turn Audio into Quantitive text for better insights on the topic.

Podcast :

Transcribe your audio podcast with minimal hassle.

Consulting :

Fast transcription to meet due diligence and management consulting research needs.

Technology :

Can be used to transcribe interviews, conferences , meetings.

Latest AI technology makes is easy to deliver high quality results quickly.

Fast Transcription:

Upload high quality audio files with limited background noise for better transcript quality.

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transcription software

Transcribe Audio
Transcribe Audio using AI

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