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    Alexa Skills


    Alexa Skills Kit Command Line The Alexa Skills Kit Command Line Interface (ASK CLI) is a tool that you can use to manage your Alexa skills and related resources, such as interaction models and account linking details, from the command line. You can use it interactively, in scripts, or integrate it with a build system or continuous integration or continuous deployment product that supports command line execution steps. Create a new skill project Use the ask new command to create a new skill project by copying from a template To create a new skill using an Amazon-provided template Use the ask new command with no parameters. When prompted, choose a…

  • Best Practices Speech

    Best Practices Speech Recognition

      Best Practices for Speech Recognition: To achieve the best results with Speech to Text App speech recognition, shown in this document. The topics shown here are arranged from basic to advanced.Following are the Best Practices for Speech Recognition which should be followed to get better Results. Keep background Noise to a reasonable minimum.For example, close the window to block out street noise , or turn down the volume of radio on your desk.   Position Your Microphone Properly To position your handheld microphone correctly for optimal speech recognition: Point the microphone head close to (about four to six inches) and directly in front of your mouth Do not hold…