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How to Transcribe Audio to Text fast

With improvements in Speech Recognition Technology, transcribing an audio to text is no longer as tedious as it once used to be. Transcribe Audio helps you transcribe Audio easily using Latest AI technology from Apple.Perfect for interviews, academic research, content marketing, video production, podcast. User friendly interface that helps you transcribe your audio files in minutes and at a very affordable cost.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you transcribe your audio to text:

1. Click on + Button to Start New automatic Transcription.

Transcribe audio
Transcribe audio easily










Automatic transcription: For clear and well-recorded audio, Transcribe offers state-of-the-art automatic conversion of audio to text.


2. Type Filename : 

Audio to text
transcribe audio to text










Self transcription: Prefer to Transcribe on your own? Transcribe 2-3x faster by using features like voice typing (dictation) and our speech to text app + editor . Download Speech to Text App to learn more.


3. Select your Language/Accent and Import Recording : 

transcription software









4. Wait for Automatic Transcription to complete.

transcription app
iPhone app for transcription


5. When you are done, export your transcript, share via email or save it to DropBox.

share your transcript
share easily










It is completely secure and users don’t have to upload their files to any server, as transcription happens completely On Device. No email account required for starting Transcribing , with simple UI interface user can start transcribing within few minutes .


Download now from AppStore :

transcription software

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