how automated transcription works
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Automated Transcription explained ?

The simplest way to define transcription is the process of converting recorded speech into text. Whether it’s journalists, video editors, lawyers or medical practitioners, the need to convert audio or video to text will almost undoubtedly enter the workflow of many different professionals at some point.

And if you’re in one of these careers or industries, you might have even had the dreaded task of transcribing audio or video files yourself.

Manual Transcription:

The most traditional form of transcription is manual transcription, when humans listen to audio or video files and type the words into a word processing document. Manual transcription services tend to be time consuming but are more accurate than real-time human transcription services, which are extremely difficult to master unless you’re an exceptionally swift typist.

Automated Transcription :

Automated transcription software is like hiring a computer to listen to and type your audio or video files. The software listens to files and then interprets what’s being said with speech-recognition technology. Once a file has been transcribed, the transcript is displayed in a browser for easy searching, editing (if necessary) and exporting.
how automated transcription works







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Combining manual and automated transcription: the ultimate solution for accuracy and speed

Machine learning has some time to go before we start seeing completely error-free transcription, but there are ways users can improve the accuracy of current automated transcription solutions. Plenty of factors can reduce the accuracy of machine-generated transcripts, like background noise and multiple speakers talking over each other. By minimizing these in an audio or video recording, users can greatly increase the accuracy of digital transcription.

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