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Audio to text for market research

  • Affordable, Accessible & Accurate Transcriptions

    Transcribe Audio  straightforward pricing for transcription services facilitates budgeting. Our audio to text transcription is $2 per audio hour .  Our iOS app is able to handle most audio file formats.
  • Reliable, Scalable & Usable Market Research Transcriptions

    Accurate market research transcriptions ensure qualitative data can be sorted and organized, allowing market researchers to identify patterns, conduct keyword searches and identify problems & opportunities that impact their product development and sales processes. By trusting the cumbersome work of transcribing multi-voice market research to us you can now focus on formulating effective data-driven marketing strategy.
  • Market Research Future

    Market research relies on authentic sampling – getting the truth from your sample market and finding a true representation of your target audience is the name of the game. Thanks to advances in technology, market research teams have been able to prioritize creating environments that encourage focus group and interview participants to feel comfortable enough to share their true feelings.
  • Market Research Transcription

    Market research transcriptions, if delivered with quick turnaround and superior accuracy, provide marketing organizations with the flexibility to scale up quickly without compromising quality.

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