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Artificial Intelligence and Transcription

With recent advances in Speech Recognition technologies, automatic transcription has become increasingly popular among various industries.

  • What is Artificial Intelligence

    The study and programming of computer systems that can perform tasks normally associated with human intelligence (including perception and discovery, decision-making, and speech recognition)

  • What is Speech Recognition  Speech recognition or speech to text includes capturing and digitizing the sound waves, transformation of basic linguistic units or phonemes, constructing words from phonemes and contextually analyzing the words to ensure the correct spelling of words that sounds the same.
  • What is Audio TranscriptionAudio Transcription is the process of converting speech in an audio file into written text. That could be any recording featuring audio – an interview recording, academic research, a video clip.
  • Compared to manual transcription, automated transcription is incredibly fast. Manual transcription usually requires the source recording to be divided into multiple files; these files are then sent to multiple transcribers, who are paid at an hourly or per-page rate to type them. Automated transcription, on the other hand, accomplished all this with a single audio or video file, and in less time, for less money and much more securely.

Need for Transcription Business is Growing

  • Academic Research :   Academic research project need analyzing and recording information. All research techniques like interviews, focus groups need audio recording and transcription to form the basis of the project. Analyzing qualitative transcripts to find patterns and prove hypotheses is where researchers find value in their data. Manually searching for patterns in data sets is time consuming and unproductive; automated audio transcription is fast becoming a central tool for researchers as it creates fully searchable, accurate transcriptions of recorded files to help researchers reach their goals more effectively. And with coding and tagging tools, themes will appear to emerge by themselves.
  • Market Research: The need for transcription in the market research and user experience (UX) world is growing with more pressure from consumers. Today’s businesses need to know their audience inside out: with such stiff competition for attention from customers, and with customer loyalty at an all-time low, brands can’t afford to get it wrong.
  • Journalism and Media: is an essential part of any journalist’s day-to-day. Meeting deadlines, scheduling important interviews and quickly turning around articles that grab and hold attention is really, really hard to do, so you need to make smart decisions about the tools to help you out.

In the world of journalism and media, automated audio transcription is a reporter’s secret weapon. It allows the journalist to focus entirely on their interview and getting the best information possible without worrying about note taking. Transcribe audio creates fully searchable transcripts which makes life my easier for journalists who need all the time they can get.

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